Our Bucket List


~*Welcome to Our Bucket List!*~

These are the goals we strive to achieve, the amazing places we want to travel to, and the things we want to experience in our lives at least once… Started from the bottom of the bucket, now we he– Alright, I’ll stop.

When we complete one of the goals, we will update this page, and also write a post about how we achieved each it. Posts dedicated to each goal will be linked on this page once they are completed!


-Round Trip In The USA (J)

-To Visit The UK (K&J)

-To Explore Australia (K&J)

-Spend A Weekend In Hawaii

-Enjoy DisneyLand

-Visit Italy


-Snorkeling!!! (K&J)

-Fly in a Hot Air Balloon (K&J)

-Swim with Manatees or Dolphins (J)

-Learn how to skate properly (J)

-Learn how to swim properly (J)

-Jump into a river (J)

-Ski in Whistler (J)

-Hike a trail up to an amazing view (K&J)

-Do the amazing all day Waterton hike (J)

-Watch the sunset at the beach (K)

-Go on a spontaneous adventure (K)

-Swim with a mermaid tail (K)


-Get toned and get strong (K&J)

-Learn how to do a perfect push up (J)

-Planks for at least a minute (J)

-Lose 10 pounds in a month- Is that too much of a stretch? Oh well. (J)

-Improve my flexibility (K)


-Learn more songs on the piano (K&J)

-Learn how to play the guitar (K&J)


-Fly to a different country and watch a hockey/baseball game (J)

-Watch Katie do some Special FX on an actress/actor one day (J)

-Complete a scrapbook (K)


-Be more confident (K&J)

-Be more brave (K&J)

-Sleep early, wake up early (K&J)

-Get my license! (K)

-Dye my hair a pastel colour (K)


-Pay off tax debts and credit card debts (J)

-Save up at least $10k for school (K&J)

-Save up enough money to finance a vehicle and rent a house (K&J)

-Move out into a beautiful home and fill with furniture (K&J)



-Go back to school (K&J)

-Find a career in that field (K&J)

-Pay off that student loan (K&J)


-Make the perfect the macarons!!!! (J)

-Make every recipe from my cook books (K)