Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls…

“​Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.​”


Sorry TLC, but I went chasing for some waterfalls yesterday.

They definitely weren’t trolling us either. Hah. Get it? Oh wait, no you don’t.

Joe and I went on to hike the Troll Falls hike! We figured that after my shift we would put some exercise into our day and check out this hike. Fitness is a goal we want to both achieve and short hikes like these are great baby steps.

The first waterfall at the end of the trail was gorgeous. However, I knew that you could hike further up as I had seen reviews and pictures of multiple falls. So we both decided to continue up. I slipped and fell into the mud and had a few fall scares a couple of times, but all of that was so worth seeing the multiple waterfalls along the way. Further up the trail, there were a few tree logs placed over a few rocks to create a bridge over the river for hikers to continue on with another path. Now, I thought that was an interesting addition.

We didn’t have the best hiking shoes to use to climb up with, but that didn’t stop us from going. I guess you can say that the danger made the hike more thrilling?? Hah. Scarier for sure, though. There were rain clouds coming in and out of the area so it made it harder for our running shoes to gain traction when it rained. Mud and slippery rocks on hikes are a huge no-no.

Also, I just started using Boomerang. Can you tell that I was excited to use it?? I feel like this was the closest thing I could get to a video and it was a great way to capture the moving water. A still photo doesn’t give its beauty justice!

If you’re ever in Alberta, near the Kananaskis area, and are looking for a short, small hike, this is a great place to go. It’s suitable for all types of hikers. The trail leading up to the first waterfall is perfect for families with little kids to see. I wouldn’t recommend smaller children hiking further up the trail to the left (the one Joe and I took), because it definitely isn’t under the “easy” category. Anyhow, Troll Falls was exciting, refreshing and relaxing all at once. Someone else (you, that’s reading this!) give it a go.

Note to self: Buy proper hiking shoes.



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