It’s that time of the year again.

Any local of Calgary know that we hold the Calgary Stampede fair annually in July. It’s a huge part of our city!

Some locals frown upon it though. The down side of having Stampede means that our C-Train lines are always packed with people. It’s harder for those who need to commute to work via transit because majority of the public are headed down to Stampede Park.

I don’t hate Stampede as much as others do. I actually very much enjoy the fair each year, despite the high costs. It’s to be expected for an event that big, so I just make sure to put some money aside for it. It’s a tradition and it’s what I grew up with. I make sure to grab a lemonade and mini donuts every year! Going on rides can be a bit expensive so I don’t go every year, but I still love the midway. If I do decide on going on rides, I make sure I go on two classics – the Sky Ride and the Ferris Wheel!

This is a bit off topic, but I just thought about another side to my childhood. When I was younger, I had a step-father who lived in the States. We visited him and stayed there with him 6 months at a time. During the time I stayed and went to school there, we would go on short trips to SO many amusement parks! It was truly a happy memory from my childhood. The one we went to the most was Great America. They had all of these different roller coasters. A standing up one, one with double loops, corkscrews, a flying one, one that went forward and then went backwards. I had an adventurous little soul. I loved all kinds of rides. Big or small.

Any way. I was a Zone Coordinator for Stampede Parking one year. 2015. Before then, I was always one of the followers. I was always scared of being a leader and being looked up to. It was one thing to supervise and coordinate a team of lot attendants, and to be informed about your zone and have sufficient knowledge of everything happening on park, but it was a whole new level when it came down to courage.

I barely had courage until I stepped forward to become a coordinator. Taking the job on was stepping completely out of my comfort zone. I was nervous for many weeks before my first shift. I used to think I wasn’t good enough to be a leader. Good enough to do anything. I would rather choose to hide than be seen. I may have lacked in leadership experience and skills, but I still had some strengths. I had my kindness, my empathy, my fairness and positive energy. I really made a lot of connections with my lot attendants because of it.

I think back to those two weeks and wonder if I’d ever allow myself to take on a coordinator position again one year. It was both an amazing experience and an incredibly tough one. I wanted so badly to leave half way through the fair. I wanted to pass on the difficulties and challenges to another person who could handle it better than I could.

But I didn’t and I made it through. I feel like I shaped and influenced a few of our teenage attendants. They were such a strong, amazing, group of kids that I adored so much. They worked their butts of that year.

Wait. Getting off topic again. I do this every time! My train of thought just wanders off and my fingers keep typing along.

So basically, it’s just that time of the year again. The craziness, long hours and busy days. Am I ready for it? No, not really. But I really should be.

If any of our readers don’t know what the Calgary Stampede is, I really recommend searching it up on Google and reading about it! And perhaps one day, make a trip out here to come and check it out!



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