Why haven’t I been blogging lately? Because for one, I’m still recovering from that awful cold I had mentioned from my previous blogs.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received the “smokers cough” joke the last few weeks.

“Jennie, you have to lay off those cigarettes!”

“Jennie, are you alright? Too much smoke in your lungs?”

“Jennie, you still alive over there?”

No. I’m dead.

I’ve been trying my best to get rid of it by feeding my body different kinds of drugs. Tylenol, DayQuil, NyQuil, Benadryl. Robitussin lozenges, Dequadin lozenges, Cepacol lozenges, Halls, Listerine breath strips (apparently this also helps with killing bacteria). It’s honestly unbelievable how I still haven’t been able to get rid of this cold. It’s like I’m stuck with this chest congestion and awful cough for another month or two.

I went to the doctor the other day to get prescribed antibiotics. But guess what? My idiot self still didn’t go and get them from the pharmacy. Why? Because my daily routine has now been work, home, sleep, work, home, sleep. I know that’s not really an excuse, because to be honest, it’s also partial laziness. But working this much is exhausting! I should still really make the time to get my butt going on those antibiotics though.

We have a huge event happening at our work place currently and I haven’t had the chance to take a break. I’ve been working Monday to Saturday the last few weeks. Half of my days are shorter shifts; about 6 hours or so. But all of the other days are at least 8.5 hours, non-stop work throughout the shift. It’s been very busy for our department. There are days where I surpass 8.5 hours, especially when something goes wrong with the program our cashiers use.

I wish I had more motivation to take some time out of my day to be writing. However, at the same time, I don’t regret taking that time for myself to sleep and rest. Obviously, it’s not working since I’m apparently A SMOKER whenever I cough.

Any way, thanks for reading! And Katie and I are sorry for not staying on top of our supposed “daily blogs”. To keep up with this is harder than I thought! We will be trying our best to update more often than two week intervals.



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