Sore Legs and Traffic

Monday, May 22, 2017

They all woke up around 8:00AM-8:30AM… Like, what?! We have late check out, you guys. Why are you waking up so early?? Didn’t you guys sleep later than I did?! Then again I had some NyQuil…

They were up and waiting for Joe to get up and cook us all breakfast. They ended up eating cold pizza from the night before while waiting. We probably both got up at 9:30AM or so. 

Joe went to the IGA in downtown Banff with Ardel to grab some butter to cook the eggs with, and some blueberry bagels to satisfy my craving. Joe made our breakfast that consisted of hash browns taking forever to make, an awful pan, a flimsy, plastic flipper and eventually, 7 raw eggs that cracked open once they hit the floor because Joe accidentally knocked them off the counter. But it was all good! We all ate what we had and were all full by the end of it.

We cleaned everything up and checked out for 12:30PM, then headed over to downtown Banff to get some Beavertails!!! If you have never had these before, you need to try one at least once in your life! I always try to make it an annual thing to grab one. They’re absolutely massive! And you can choose whichever flavour to have smeared onto it. You can even request to have two flavours on it.

I ended up choosing half skor (Avalanche) and half chocolate hazelnut! It’s super sweet, so if you don’t have a sweet tooth, it’s hard to finish one on your own. So be sure to share it with someone if you were to try it for the first time!

After consuming our Beavertails, we headed off to the Grassi Lakes hike in Canmore, AB. The trail was uphill the entire way. My legs were still sore, but it wasn’t as awful as the hike we did the previous day. Probably because there weren’t any roots sticking out or big rocks to step on. Although, it was really hard for me to breathe due to being sick and being incredibly unfit. How sad is that?! 

Here are a few pictures I took on this beautiful hike.

Oh yes!! I almost forgot that you can rock climb at the end of this trail?! I thought that was something really cool to see.

After spending some time resting by the lakes, it was time to head back home.

We tried to take Highway 1A (the scenic route, pass by Ghost Lake) to Cochrane for ice cream, but somewhere along the highway, cops were blocking off a section. So then we were redirected back onto Highway 1! 

Oh, it was full of traffic. Everyone was coming home from their trips to other places outside of the city. We were going about 40-50km/hr on a highway that is normally 110km/hr. It was so congested that there was even this douche driver in a red truck that kept driving on the side of the highway and continuously cutting people off the further he got up the road because he had no patience to wait in traffic. Man, if that guy tried to cut me off along the highway, I would’ve let him hit me trying! Ain’t nobody getting in front of me who can’t wait!!

Michael turned off onto a back road that he knew to try to take us back onto 1A, but some Natives wouldn’t let us cross the reserve. I was stunned! I was sitting there absolutely confused, because he was filming and he was turning all vehicles around to get back onto the highway like he owned the reserve? Douche. Film my face! Do what you want! You’re already spending your day standing by your truck with a camera in your hand just to turn people around from this route! More boring than being stuck in traffic for 20 minutes. My day was already better than his by far any way.

After that whole interaction, we got back onto highway 1 for a few more minutes until turning off onto Morley road to get back to 1A. And FINALLY, we were able to avoid the rest of that awful May long traffic!

When we got to Cochrane, the Mackay’s ice cream store was ridiculously packed?!?! It was at least 3-4 stores down from the actual location, and not to mention that inside of the store, there are a few zig zagged lines inside. I was thinking, “God, we came all this way for this?! We could buy more ice cream at the store!”

But you know what? It all worked out in the end, because we decided to drive over to Menchies instead! Mmm. I love Menchies. We got our frozen yogurt and sat in the store until we all finished our treats. It was so satisfying since it was super warm outside.

We all split up to head on home from Cochrane! Michael went to go drop the twins off, and we went to drop Tinsae off first. After Tinsae, we dropped Ardel off. And then finally, we went back to Joe’s house to rest. 

Guess what?! We had work the next morning too. We passed out instantly and that was that.

Well, this is the end of our road trip fun.

Thanks for reading!!



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