What just happened?! (Really long post)

Saturday, May 19, 2017

Wow. What an insane day?!?! Actually, this whole weekend was so insane and filled with so much interesting happenings that I had no time to type blog posts before going to bed each night! Unbelievably insane.

Warning: This post also includes the topic of racism. Let’s just say that I do not take racism lightly in any way, shape or form, and the situation just hit too close to home. I will always defend different cultures, races, religions, and anything that involves ignorant idiots that spew shit towards those who do not deserve it.

So Katie and I started our day out at “The Oasis” with Kira and Joe. Katie has some really good photos so wait until she puts those up! But here are a few from my phone and Kira’s combined!

It was a fun time! We had a BBQ going. Honey garlic covered drumsticks and Katie had her Italian Tofurky! We sat by the water and told each other stories. It wasn’t warm enough where people could jump in for a swim but man, it was gorgeous and relaxing and it was a good time. So good for the soul. I know Kira really needed that time away especially.

It was so funny; Joe actually accidentally ripped his shorts while washing his hands in the river. He walked around with this huge rip down his right leg. We were blessed with the sight of his black boxers (no commando!). It was just hilarious!

We packed up because it was time to go to Maria’s house. On the way, we were following some guy who was speeding. An RCMP officer driving the opposite direction turned his lights on when he passed us and did a U-turn. I told Joe that it could’ve been him that he was pulling over, so he pulled off to the side. And of course, the cop pulled up behind us.

He came up to our window and said that he was going 114km/hr in a 90km/hr zone. He probably was, but Joe was following the guy in front of him. When Joe said this, the cop said “Well, unfortunately I can only pull one vehicle over and you stopped.” Like what in the world??? So we got the ticket when he should’ve pulled the guy in front of us over first?! Isn’t that a little unfair?!!?!? And then after he gave him the ticket, he then proceeded to say that tints in Alberta are illegal. Like?????? Joe bought this car with the tints on like that?!?! And it’s not like you can’t see the driver?!?! I don’t know, I just thought his response was so unfair and stupid. Never mind the tints, but to say that because we were the ones who pulled over, that we were the ones to receive the ticket instead of the other vehicle? Like, thanks sir? Joe will see you in court to fight it.

So we caught up to the guy who was in front of us that should’ve been the one caught. Unbelievable. This guy was swerving like he was drunk. Left and right over the lines. I don’t think he was drunk though, because he had someone else in the passenger seat. But still, that’s a little sketchy and unsafe. He was also speeding and cutting people off without signalling as well. And we got the ticket?!?!?! Of course. There were a lot of factors that needed to be taken into consideration with this and I guess this cop just wanted to give a car a ticket, even if his radar probably caught the first guy anyway.

After following him for about 10 minutes on this highway, he turned off. Kira convinced me to report him, and I ended up calling him in. I told the woman on the line that there was a man who was recklessly driving and cutting people off, because that was exactly what he was doing. Joe needed to get new shorts before going to the party, so we were reporting the guy in the Winners parking lot at Signal Hill Centre.

Alright! So we FINALLY made it to Maria’s house for her son’s birthday (his name is Johannes). I think Johannes was turning 17? I felt like he turned 16 last year, so I’m going to go with the age 17.

The thing about Maria is that I feel she lets herself get run over by people too often. And when it comes to her on again/off again boyfriend (Noel), she lets herself get hit by multiple buses over and over again. You see, the party was fun for a little bit at first, because we were playing drinking games with people we all get along with. But when they all left (Kira, Noura, Kiana, Michael), that’s when the entire mood turned for the worst.

This is where my blood pressure starts being erratic while explaining this whole thing… LOL.

Man. Noel was such a huge douchebag.

So basically, not wanting to get into too much depth with politics and political views, but Noel totally supports Donald Trump. He believes the man will do wonders that no one else has ever really done in history. But who is he to say all of these things? He’s just a small Canadian man who’s completely unknown. When he was talking about Trump, it was like the red flag in front of us moved up a few feet. He was raising it each minute he opened his damn mouth.

I’m not sure how he got onto the topic, but he all of a sudden started talking about Muslims. Noel started saying how Muslims were “taught to kill white people”, and if you were to try to enter their church, they would not let you in. I spoke up and said, “How would you know? What if it’s just in their religion to let only Muslims into their church? Every religion is different.” I honestly don’t know the Muslim religion very well, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to act ignorant towards anyone who believes in it. 

Katie was really upset and offended as well, and gave him a scenario of her Muslim friend and how “that person has not killed her yet.” He yelled out “YEAH. Key word – yet.” I was stunned?!?! Obviously she did not mean it like that?! Katie tried to correct herself by saying that she was still alive. But if you knew her personally, you would know her first language is Katienese (she stutters a lot and sometimes has troubles making sense, but not to worry! I do too). Yes, he had a few drinks but wow, the truth comes out when you’re drunk. And the truth is, he’s a nut head.

He even mentioned how much he hated the fact that Trudeau was allowing Syrian refugees into Canada, aka INNOCENT LIVES WHO HAVE NOTHING TO GO BACK TO, aka families that have children who have potential in their future lives, aka families who have seen and fear war because they were not as privileged as us in our country, and he’s complaining about how Trudeau is giving these people a place to stay where they can finally feel safe?! Yeah, it takes up some of our tax dollars, but only the selfless and kindhearted citizens of Canada are happy to know that they are able to give these families another chance with life. Obviously, he’s just a low-life, selfish, PRIVILEGED, racist bastard. I am glad that I don’t know many of his kind.

Katie and I literally sat there and listened to him talk about his views on Trump and Trudeau, and even his opinion on Muslims, even if our views were the complete opposite. Why? Because that’s the most respectful and mature thing to do. But when Katie started defending her opinions, Noel would interrupt her. “No. No, no, no, nope.” “I know about Muslims more than you do.” He even said that Katie kept changing the subject and that her arguments were invalid!! Majority of the people in the room had the same argument in mind?! Like, Noel?!?! Stop talking?!?!

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what colour, or race, or what religion you have, there will always be people out there who want to kill other people. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is. If he can’t see that fact himself, he’ll always be an idiot. His arguments were stupid. He actually believes in the idea that Katie’s friend could potentially kill her one day because that person is Muslim… Unbelievable.

Noel is just literally the epitome of “white trash.”

For him to basically generalize all Muslims and say that they go against “white people” just infuriated me. There are white people who are Muslim too?!?! And on top of that, just because someone believes in a different religion than you, does not mean they are all the same?! People are different in every way, based on how that person grew up and what they were and still are surrounded by. And what about that whole topic on refugees?!?! Ugh. I was so disgusted. I can’t even get started on that!

You think that’s bad? Oh, it gets much worse. Maria then FINALLY acknowledges the argument, now that it was getting heated, and she tells KATIE to stop and calm down?! What?! What?!?! She kept saying, “Just agree to disagree.” Uh, excuse me?!?!?!?! Okay, woman. Two things!

Number One: You work in a workplace with diverse cultures and races. You hang out with people of different colours. What are your thoughts if you won’t speak up or say anything in this discussion that’s happening right in front of you?! Also, if you feel the same as Noel, why are you even friends with any of us?! We are people who grew up loving one another, no matter who they are or how they looked. Colour, religion, race, sexuality, gender. So no, we will not “agree to disagree” with Noel. Why are you telling someone who was taught to be accepting of anyone and anything to be quiet?! Why are you letting this piece of trash try to tell us any different?! You know who’s wrong in this discussion. Why would you even let him speak in front of all of us like that in the first place? Oh wait. I know why – because you don’t want to lose him.

Number Two: No, you tell HIM to be quiet! Noel treats you awful. We have ALL told you to leave his ass behind! But you won’t and don’t want to! You question why you do this to yourself and yet you’re still accepting him back into your life. You guys break up and you’re suddenly upset about life and can’t move on because you can’t be alone and you need someone to love you, and you need our support all the time and oh shit, you’re constantly crying every day… And then you guys get back together?! Then you guys break up because he’s a dick and forget him!! You’ll find someone better, who gives a damn about him anyway?! And then you get back together! Why are you letting this scum bag continuously hurt you like that?! And also allow a man with an ugly soul like his to be in your life?! Unless your soul and opinions match his too? You have a son for heavensakes. Why don’t you just focus your life on Johannes instead of giving your attention to this drunk fool?!

I was just done. Katie and I left. I was not going to let myself be around an idiot who thinks he knows everything like he’s some sort of intelligent God and thinks his race will always be superior over others. Idiot. To be near him made me sick. 

What he said about Muslims hit close to home. I am a Filipino but I was born and raised in Canada. For all I cared, I was strictly Canadian. It wasn’t until people pointed out my skin colour or made racist jokes that I really started to be self-conscious about how I looked. And you know what? They were white people. Not one of them was of colour. 

Not saying all Caucasians are awful, because I have plenty of white friends. Loving ones. My boyfriend is half, for fuck sakes and his father’s side of the family are so loving and accepting. I surround myself with people who will treat me for me. 

But sometimes it does not matter if you were born a Canadian and grew up like one. If your skin colour is different, there will always be people out there who will treat you different.

But that’s on them. That’s how they grew up. Fuck them. 

And for Noel to spew racist shit like that like he is the best race in the whole world just made me sick. Just sick and tired of white privilege and how people treat each other in general. Sick and tired of how even in the 21st century, people still can’t accept one another for having different beliefs. They just call each other names or wish death upon them.

That’s how that night went. Dumb and full of anger. We all agreed that we will never attend her parties again. I’ve lost respect for Noel because of the kind of person he is. And I’ve lost respect for Maria, who I once considered a friend, because she does not know how to keep one of her own.

I am editing this blog, three days after the incident and we have yet to receive even a small apology for the way Noel acted. So the respect is now non-existent and so is the friendship.

I just wish them all the best with their lives. I just cannot be associated with them nor let them be a part of my life in any way.

Writing always makes me feel better. I love how this is a form of escape for me. I hope this post was not too, too long for everyone. I know I write essays but this was a touchy subject for me (and Katie too!), so it had to be lengthy!

If you are reading this sentence, thank you for sticking with us and our crazy life stories this far.



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