Babbling Co-workers

I never really acknowledged how much gossip can affect your workplace. Especially at my workplace.

There was a woman that used to work here that used to gossip about everyone at our workplace, and also always tried to intervene in lives that were not her own. I won’t use her real name, just for safe keeping (who knows if she may come across this blog one day), so we’ll call her… How about we call her Michaela. Since she adores that name so much.

So Michaela – God, using that name brings back awful memories – would constantly try to set co-workers up with one another. Like, really?! Are you kidding me??

She would have a nice conversation with you about some random topic, and then all of a sudden she would say “Yeah, you and blahblah should date!” or ask you questions about other people like, “So, what’s going on between Tutti and Frutti? Are they a thing now? They were flirting the other day.”

At the time, I didn’t think too much about her questions and prying. I just took it as conversation, and obviously that was just me being too stupid. Because I just listened to her talk most of the time, I became the only person she would really talk to about these things. But I never realized how much her gossip could impact the friendships and relationships at our workplace when I first met her.

By the way, this woman looks about 35 years old, but is actually 50 years old, and enjoys hanging out with friends that are around the 20 year old range. We have a lot of teenagers and young adults that work at our workplace, so we were like young, little dolls to her to play with. At least, that’s how I feel. And our feelings are not something to be messing around with.

Any way, Michaela would feed these ideas into our minds. She would talk to one person and tell them how they should take another person out on a date. Or tell a person, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure he/she likes you. You should totally go for it.” Or just be blunt about two people in front of them and others, which is highly embarrassing.

I never really appreciated how she would talk to me about all of these individuals, and their stories and the private information they’ve shared with her. Of course, I would stay confidential and keep everything to myself, but I knew that if I expressed myself to her, everyone else would know about it too.

I know now that I should’ve just told her to stop, regardless. But a part of me also felt bad that she was this lonely woman who needed someone in her life.

This went on for the entirety of her employment. She loved to gossip. Even after quitting and being with a different company, she still comes back to try to gossip about everyone here!

My friend, I’m going to call him Johnny, because that’s kind of close to his name, but it isn’t his name, had messaged me one morning to let me know that Michaela had called his desk number to tell him she wanted to take him out that night. To “get him back on the saddle” because him and his girlfriend broke up a few weeks prior. First of all, how did she even find out?! Second of all, doesn’t she have a life of her own to focus on?! You don’t work here anymore, nor do you talk to any of us that still work here, and you’re still trying to pry into our lives?!

Because of her, I lost a few friendships. I don’t regret losing them, but I do regret how everything was handled. It could’ve been prevented if she didn’t decide to meddle so much. She really tried to force relationships together and always seemed to stir pots. She would say things that she knew would be upsetting, and tell stories about other people like it was her place to share them.

Our workplace still has those individuals that gossip even after she left. But oh my God, Michaela was the worse one of them all. These days, we all have a hard time trusting our colleagues. There’s only a few of us that have developed long term relationships that we know we can trust one another. But as for others, we don’t know who is telling the truth and who are not.

We all feel like we need to cover our asses for certain situations somehow, because we don’t know who’s on the look out. People rat each other out here for the silliest things that could’ve been addressed in person. But lo and behold, it has become a weekly thing to have a supervisor address a mistake someone has done during their shifts. It’s as if there is always someone beside you, watching you like a hawk. It’s awful.

Make one wrong move and you’re in shit.

I’m sure gossip is everywhere, and no matter what job you do, there will always be these kinds of people. This is just another reason why I enjoy my time alone and away from others. Just to maintain my own peace, and to always have a relaxed mind when I’m away from work. You know, have a nice bubble bath with those Lush bath bombs… Watch a movie on Netflix while being wrapped up in a blanket. Going to the mall to buy something, and it’s amazing because there’s no one there to tell you that your fashion taste is wack.

Am I the only one who kind of detaches themselves from work and colleagues? Do you do this too? Do you also have a “babbling co-worker” in your workplace as well?

Let’s compare stories.

Thanks for reading!



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