Always Set More than One Alarm

I woke up right when my shift started today… Bollocks. I never trust myself with having only one alarm set, and today was the perfect example of why. Huge thanks to Joe for setting one alarm that I undoubtedly turned off when I was still half asleep.

This weekend was both rough and fun at the same time.

Kelowna had warm weather as I expected it to have. On the drive there, we witnessed construction workers working to clear out both a rock slide and mud slide. There was one section along the highway where construction workers had to dig massive holes so that the water from the melted snow on the mountain would not flood over onto the road. It was definitely an interesting sight to see. AND, further down the road, there were huge piles of snow of where an avalanche took place. The rock slide and melted avalanche snow made us want to leave BC asap but we kept going like the troopers we were.

We did not do too much this weekend. It was Ashley’s first time in Kelowna. Part of me wished we walked through downtown or along side the Okanagan lake, but we really did have a limited amount of time. Once we entered city bounds, our first stop was at a house that our dear Ardel would potentially rent a room from.

Unacceptable. Clean. But no thank you. The man who owns the house was very nice, however, he was only looking for a short term renter. And he just seemed to be the kind of guy that would not appreciate you coming home past 10:00PM because the doors would be locked before then. Just, no thank you. Strict first impression.

We had another house to visit later in the evening that day, and killed our time by going to the Orchard Park mall to grab something to eat, and spent the rest of our day at Scandia. I love the environment at this place because of all of the arcade games and fun. Mini golf, arcade games, Go Karts, food, and I believe there was a batting cage, but it was not open that day. There was a birthday party being held at Scandia as well. The energy in this place is always high and filled with laughter and happiness.

The only down side of going to Scandia was that a few machines ate some of my tokens! For $10, you were given 40 tokens. I believe I lost $2 worth of tokens from machines eating them up! Also, this place was too busy for the amount of staff that they had on that were working. I felt bad about the pressure they were all probably feeling.

It was hilarious watching Ashley and Ardel with their tokens. They kept travelling and moving from room to room, going ham on their tokens. So much excitement from being there and seeing all of the games. After spending $30 on tokens altogether, we had 855 tickets in total to redeem a prize. Ashley took part of it to redeem a small, pink frog stuffy for her cousin, and we decided to give the rest of our tickets to a mom and her daughter.

Now, as for the second place that we looked at.

Not as clean as the first house. Definitely much more laid back. Two women were occupying the house and they had two dogs with them. A beautiful husky and an adorable pit bull. The husky was more shy than the pit bull as he was hiding by the dining table. I just love dogs.

Overall, the house was fine, but we could tell not a lot of cleaning went on in the house. I knew that there would be better rooms to rent out there, but this was definitely an option on the list that Ardel could still consider.

We had such a long day at this point. The excitement to finally head over to the hotel was unreal. Because prices for hotel rooms were cheaper in Vernon than in Kelowna, we got a hotel in Vernon instead. So we had to drive another 30-45 minutes back to Vernon before we were able to lay in our hotel beds.

We stayed at the Sandman Inn & Suites. Not too bad of a place, if you ask me. You get what you pay for, right? And I say that it was well worth our money. We’ve stayed at some hotels that did not have a microwave or a fridge, and our room had both. That should normally be the standard, but clearly, we never really knew how to choose decent hotels. Of course, there was a swimming pool in the lower level. There was also a Denny’s connected to the hotel, so that was a huge plus for us as well.

I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat – we got so damn wasted in our hotel room. Had a few vodka crans and we were all liquored. Ardel brought a hilarious card game that we ended up playing called “Drunk, Stoned or Stupid”. We didn’t complete the game but we all agreed that Joseph was literally the inspiration for this game as most of the cards applied to him. It was hilarious! It probably wasn’t the best idea, but we ended up swimming afterwards before the pool closed. We just overall had a really fun night together.

We woke up and left the hotel room at 11:00AM. I was so upset on the ride back to Calgary. I swear, we did a sweep of the room to make sure we grabbed everything, and of course! Of course, I had forgotten my blow dryer.

The first time we came to Kelowna in 2015 together as a group (with a few of our coworkers), we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, and I also forgot my blow dryer there. That’s twice that my blow dryer has been left in BC now! Never again!

Note to self: Never bring blow dryers with you when you travel.

Now I have to invest in a new one. I’m so dumb sometimes.

Any way. We visited our last and final house. The woman who owned the house was very kind to us. She had two sweet dogs, both bichon frise, one a few months old and the other was 13 years old. Unbelievably friendly. I can’t describe how beautiful her house was. It was not entirely a pleasant visit, so I do not want to get into too much detail, but she had a beautiful, clean and well kept home. And I’m sure she leaves lasting impressions on all of her renters. Long story, short, we decided that this was the house!

But this was the house, only if things were to work in Ardel’s favor. Let us just say that his boss, Mike, aka a major airhead, was just not straightforward with his answers on when this construction project would be pursued in Kelowna. It just made Ardel and I look bad for looking at places to rent in Kelowna this weekend. The woman wasn’t very happy with Mike, and it felt that she was taking out that frustration on us. Like we had wasted her time. I understood her point of view. This was coming from someone who needed a renter asap and was actively looking for a good candidate, however, Ardel and I felt so dumb and offended over her input on the situation that we left her house unhappy. Again, very kind lady once you meet her. Beautiful house. But it did not work out the way we wanted it to.

Despite the fallback, we did make the best out of our little trip. Although we were mostly on the road this weekend, we had a lot of fun together. It was a nice change from good ol’ Calgary.

There is a little diner in Golden, BC, that Joe and I always stop at. We’ve made it a non-verbal tradition to stop by each time we pass by Golden on our way back from BC. It’s called the “Legendz Diner”, and we decided to stop by there once again to eat. It’s a cute, retro looking place that makes bomb ass Monte Cristo sandwiches. Good lord. I can’t find a place that makes it better than they do in Calgary. So each time we stop by Legendz, I get the exact same meal. Monte Cristo. Either with regular french fries, or onion rings, and with a side of gravy.

We made it back to Calgary around 11:00PM. Ashley was the lucky one and got dropped off first. Ardel was second. And I decided that it was too late to go back to my house, so I slept over at Joe’s house. We got back to his house nearing 12:00AM and Jesus, we were so exhausted.

I have to take a moment to appreciate Joe and his willingness to drive this weekend. Driving is tough when everyone around you is able to take a nap and you have to strain your eyes to focus on the road. I’m so lucky to have someone who’s always willing to do these things for others.

We have good friendships going on here. We all take care of each other. But we mostly take care of Ashley, the 3 of us (Ardel, Joe and I), just because she’s the baby.

Hopefully the next time we go on another road trip, I won’t have work the next morning, the day after we come back. If that ever happens again, I’ll make sure I set 5 million alarm clocks to get me up in the morning so I won’t be late for my shift… Another lesson learned.

Thanks for reading!



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