The King of the Jungle

Have you ever had days where you wanted to go to the Zoo? Or needed some kind of animal fix?

Well, I definitely needed one. I just love animals so much. It’s unfortunate that my landlady does not allow pets, but if she ever decided to approve of animals in our house, I would be getting a pup ASAP!

I had meant to write about our day at the Zoo yesterday, but too much had happened in the evening to even try to make the time.

We started off the day with Katie doing my makeup. I could tell I wasn’t the easiest canvas for her since my eyes and skin tone are very much the opposite of hers. I guess you can say I was good practice though!

It was kind of raining a bit during our trip to the Zoo. Calgary weather is a little crazy… First it rained, and then all of a sudden it was burning hot. I don’t know how we made it through the entire park without our sunglasses. I wouldn’t have made it without at least one bottle of water.

What’s interesting about any Zoo, not one in particular, is that each one would most likely agree with the statement that their animals are treated with respect and are well taken care of. I do want to believe that and I’m sure that they do take care of these animals to the best of their abilities, however, it made me feel so sad to see a few of them in their exhibits.

On a hot day like today, it was sad to see that the penguins had only water to cool them down from the heat when they are from a winter environment. The snow leopards were hiding under anything that could give them shade from the sun, and were all sleeping. The giraffes, I felt, were a little afraid of us humans. They kept on running around in circles, left and right, across the room and back, just constantly moving away from humans surrounding them. I felt the lions had a similar situation as they started to growl and make loud noises once more people came up to see them.

I don’t go to the Zoo often. But I just felt a little sad seeing a few of the animals in their enclosure. It was a warm day and I couldn’t imagine how these animals adapted to their new homes once they were transported in from their true homes. 

As Katie and I walked around the park, we noticed that there was a lot of construction. Many detours and cut off pathways to make room for improvement for the Zoo. To be truthful… I’m not sure if I would want to come back to see the new changes they say they are making. It all kind of made my experience less enjoyable.

Despite having these feelings, I did enjoy my day walking around with Katie and seeing the animals that looked comfortable and were hanging out in their homes. I think the Lions definitely were my favourite animals to see.

Here ends our blog about our adventure this May 11, 2017! If you’ve read this whole blog, you are as amazing as the sun!



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