Meet Joe

I know people don’t usually enjoy “lovey dovey” stories… Or reading about two people’s relationship. I, on the other hand, happen to actually enjoy reading about a stranger I do not know and about what is present in their lives. I find human beings so interesting and I love listening to their unique stories. I especially love the way they talk about their significant other.

Here’s a little story about my sweet boyfriend.

His name is Joseph. We’ve worked together for the same company since April 2014… But it wasn’t until June 2015 where we started to talk to each other every day. We became a best friend to one another within a few weeks. I don’t really know what it was… I think it was mostly his sweetness; he cared about me and wasn’t afraid to show it. It was probably also because he constantly made me laugh. Even now, he still makes me laugh with his ridiculous, sharp-witted jokes and unfiltered humour. He has me wheezing each night we talk about the happenings in our daily lives.

It’s interesting how two people come together. You see, Joseph and I are two very different people… and yet we are two very similar people at the same time. I feel like what we have is very special; we balance one another out somehow. We click. We connect. Joseph is the type of guy who loves to drink and party. He used to have a bad reputation of doing reckless things that he considered “fun”. Then there’s me. A relatively quiet, but friendly girl. In school, I would always be the one studying. I spent most of my time in the library studying or reading books. Sounds a little cliche, doesn’t it? Our worlds were entirely different and yet somehow we came together.

We are both kind hearted and are sensitive people. We care about people and show it- but only our closest friends feel the full effects of how much we care. We are both quiet in some ways. Joseph was and still is mostly the quiet one out of the group of friends he has had (don’t get me wrong though, he can be obnoxiously loud too). We are both immature and childish most times, but when we are faced with serious matters, we handle those work or home responsibilities maturely.

We don’t live together. I wish we did. But our home lives make that financially difficult. Only time will tell and give us the “ok” to when that will happen.

He is the sweetest, most loving, loyal and caring boyfriend. I’ve never been so loved before by a man. There was one day when we were still friends, and I was sick… He bought me food I was craving that day and two packs of halls and then dropped them off at my house with no hesitation.

He listens to my long tangents about things that make me happy or excited. When I am down, he listens to my sadness. He listens to my anger and frustrations; he is there through my pain and the tears. He holds me tight and lets me cry until I stop and feel better. No matter what scenario, he never leaves my side.

When I’m at work late at night, he always does his best to pick me up. He doesn’t like it when I take transit, so he’ll leave his house as soon as I tell him I’m 10 minutes from being done. There are many times where he lets me drive his car home from work if I’m done my shift before him. Sometimes he lets me take his car while he’s at work to bring my mom to her doctor appointments. He even willingly drives my mom and I to the grocery store when we start to run low on food.

Not only does he drop me off to work and pick me up from work nearly every day, he will drive my friends or loved ones to destinations. Who I love, is who he loves too. It means the world to me.

I should probably stop or else I’ll continue gushing about him. It’s kind of disgusting!

We officially (kind of) got together the night of December 18, 2015… but then the decision to set it in stone kind of continued into the morning of December 19, 2015. So I guess you can say that we don’t have an exact date but we will celebrate our anniversaries on both days.

Joseph is a huge part of my life so he will definitely be mentioned in a few blog posts along the way. Here are some fun photos of us. He doesn’t like taking photos in general, so any photo I have with or of him are gems.


If you are still single but you’re waiting for the right one, be patient. The wait for the right one is so worth it.



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