Where should I start?


If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon a new blog that has been created by two girls who are not beauty moguls, amazing writers or photographers. Nor do we have any Godly talents. We are two curvy girls that do not live up to today’s ideal beauty standards. Nope. Just two regular girls who are part of the minority that can actually walk out the door without any makeup on. I mean, for Katie, it’s not really her preference to, considering makeup is one of her passions, but as for I, I always walk out those doors without giving a damn. If anyone got to know us in person, they would see how much we smile, laugh and joke. We always like to make the best out of things.

Katie and I decided to create a blog to document the things that we want to achieve and accomplish to better ourselves. We want to live our lives to the fullest with what we’ve been given. We both don’t have much and both come from struggling backgrounds. What better way to document our growth than to have a blog together?

We decided to go on our own life journeys with one another by our side. We figured that maybe we might be interesting enough to follow? Maybe there might be a few people that would actually be interested in our little quiet lives and our crazy minds?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jennifer, but the only people who call me by my full name are my family members and those who have just met me. Everyone else who knows me on a personal level calls me Jen or Jennie (most people spell it “Jenny”, but I’ve always spelt it with an “ie” at the end… I’m just too lazy to correct anybody). I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was raised in this city for majority of my life. I’ve also lived in Hayward, California, USA, for about 2 years in total because that was where my Step-Father lived. I did not live in Hayward for consecutive years due to my Canadian citizenship so I would travel between the two countries after a sum of months within a time span of 4 years.

I do not have two dogs and one cat, although that is one of my dreams. I aspire to find a career that would handle animals, because we all know we do not deserve those amazing, loyal, little guys in our lives. I love to sing, even if my voice cracks each time I try to hit those high notes that Sia or Beyonce sing… But that’s okay, because I love music and it makes me happy.

Food is life. Life is food. I am ALWAYS hungry. Always. Although, I am trying my best to fight off those cravings and control my food intake. I already know that #FirstWeEat will be my all-time favorite blog category. I’m not very good at it, but I love to bake. I love trying to make different things and interesting concoctions with my oven. Now, if only I could cook a little bit better too…

I suppose that’s pretty much all of the information I’m willing to share about myself. You’ll get to know me a bit better throughout the blog posts. 🙂

Welcome to the lives of Katie & Jennie.



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